I was tagged by davidfortoday to do some questions I’ve never heard ‘bout before, but here we go i guess. 

Name: Mathias 
Nickname: Haugaard (my last name) 
Height: 178cm/5,8 feet.
Time zone: 9 hours ahead of LA 
What time & date is it there: 10:04pm august 18, 2034.
What time & date would it be in Antarctica: fuck this
Average hours of sleep i get each night: 4, don’t like sleeping, it’s scary.
RL OTP:  what the fuck is this? 
The last thing i google’d was: Egypt symbols
My most used phrase: please
First word that comes to mind: last
How many blankets i sleep under:  0
Favorite beverage: beer obviously 
The last movie i watched in cinemas was: netflix? 
Three things i can’t live without: air, food, water
Something i plan on learning: piano a bit better.

So now i’ve got to tag people: 


I sometimes wonder if the world are created by the first ever people on it